My Caribbean story is a yearly programming competition which encourages young people to create stories using the Scratch Interface to depict an authentic story based on the theme from a Caribbean perspective.


This initiative is to encourage children to apply creative thinking to the fields of programming and technology. What we intend to see would be Creative Expressions of the topic that was chosen for this year.
The stories should do any of the following: 
Inspire, Entertain or Communicate a message. 


Create a 3 – 5 minute story based on the theme using the scratch platform.






The story can be:
Or a mixture of all!





There must be an element of choice in the story that allows the user to determine the path the story goes on.



Use Caribbean based themes and imagery that can represent your country or the Caribbean at large. Sound effects can be used or recorded to enhance your story.
1st and 2nd Place: iPhone SE or Galaxy A72 & 3 months free classes


3rd Prize: Earbuds & 3 months free classes


4th – 7th prizes: 3 months free classes


8th – 10th Prizes: 2 months free classes


1st July             
Website is up and updated with the basic information and the videos and scratch programs from last year. The new theme is not shown yet
15th July
The logo is revealed but not the theme yet
30th July
The Competition launches with all information on the website including the video explaining the competition.
Entrants will have 2 weeks to fill out the registration form with their Information, scratch link and Birth paper.
13th August
Entries Close and video editors start creating the videos from each submission to be published for voting
14th August
The iframes for the participants are embedded into the website and people are encouraged to interact with the stories then download the app and vote
20th August
All videos are uploaded to youtube and people can begin to vote on their videos using the voting criteria.
30th August
Voting closes and the votes a tallied
4th September                   
Live Stream with the judging and the winners
  • 1. Use of Theme
  • 2. Ability to integrate different Caribbean aspects and Culture
  • 3. Algorithm 
  • 4. How well your story integrates the concept of choice (selection control structures). The timing and the general flow of the algorithm from start to finish
  • 5. Creativity
  • 6. How well you add multiple elements to your story that enhance the delivery




Caribbean Storyboard       




Can I use national symbols?
Use national symbols such as flags, emblems, and insignia that represent countries responsibly.


Can I use music?
Use only NON-COPYRIGHTED songs. If copyrighted songs are in the submission they will not be put up for voting. (Search royalty-free music and find appropriate music if necessary).


What about the language?
You can use slang and dialect because we are from the Caribbean. 
The use of obscene language and obscene images is strictly prohibited.


Can we get help?
Well, we can’t stop you.